Download safey 2.0 (Free Basic Version)

New version!

Free safey 2.0 Download

Download safey 2.0
(md5: 3b710374b4d1e075368146db18c39090)

Download Exporttool for safey content

Export data from your old safey to safey 2.0. You will find more information in the help-document.

Free Download Exporttool

Download Export Tool
(md5: 8ea7130a3b7cb45965e2b26f21dc845f )

Download safey (older version, available only in german)

Data from safey can later be imported in safey 2.0.
You just need your safey 1.0 password.

safey Download

Download ältere Version
(md5: 80cb8aad595fd4c221b3e3fa7ca4fffd)