Function Overview

Overview of all functions:


Function overview safey pro 2.0

  • Usable without installation from PC or USB stick


  • En- and decrypting files (internal or external)
  • Internal En- and decrypting until 100 MB in total
  • En- and decrypting folders (internal or external)

Categories and entries

  • Creating categories and entries
  • Edit or delete categories and entries
  • Sort categories and entries
  • Rename categories and entries
  • Minimize all entries
  • Search in categories and entries
  • Print categories and/or entries
  • Paste images in entries (up to 450 x 550 px, 300 KB)

Additional functions

  • Generate passwords

Internal program functions

  • Duplicating and passing on safeys basic version
  • Edit various program settings
  • Switch language version (german / english)
  • Import from safey
  • Backup function (export / import of all data)


  • Switch plant image on/off
  • Manure or prune your plant
  • Change plant image (random)