FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the password safe

What if I lost my safey password?

For security reasons, we have made a conscious decision not to include a » backdoor « in form of a master key. Should your password be lost, safey cannot be opened anymore. Your data is not accessible without a password.

Why should I use the safey number keys?

Your safey password shoud contain letters, additional characters and digits. It is recommended to integrate digits via the safey number keys into your password. This will prevent your password from being recorded by a keylogger.

Why can’t I unlock safey pro?

Please enter your name and unlock code exactly as it is given on your registration confirmation and try again.

Allows safey access to internet?

Safey will never access to an internet connection.

My virus scanner reports safey as unsafe. What shall I do?

In rare cases, it may happen that a virus scanner reports safey erroneously as malicious software. If you are unsure, we recommend using the service