Purchase safey pro

Purchase safey pro

Are you convinced by the demo? Would you like to use safey permanently? Then purchase an unlock key.

A safey pro 2.0 licence costs 24,99 €

Purchase an unlock key for safey 2.0 pro
To use the full functionality >> permanently, proceed as follows:

Buy and unlock safey pro

Buy safey pro at share-it
The purchase will be handled via MyCommerce.


Buy safey pro 2.0 at MyCommerce (Link) >> .

Enter your data on the MyCommerce website and confirm the purchase. During the ordering process, you must notify your safey serial number and your name. To find the serial number within safey, follow these steps:

Open safey and copy your serial number
Open your present safey version or download the basic version and open it.
In the settings area (button with the leaf  button_einstellungen ) please choose the button “use safey pro”. Here, your serial number is displayed. Copy this serial number to the clipboard (select with the cursor and press Ctrl + C.).

Create and enter the unlock key
After payment and verification of the reported serial number, you get an email with the unlock code from MyCommerce. This unlock key and the name displayed in the e-mail have to be registered in safey. The unlock key expires after 3 days. Please unlock safey within that time period.
Open safey and select settings again (button “use safey pro”). Enter your name and the registration code in the appropriate fields. Please make sure to use the same spelling of your name in safey (see e-mail with unlock key for spelling).

Unlock safey
Now click “Unlock”. To fully use the pro version, please close the programme and restart safey pro.
If you have any problems with activation, please check your unlock code and the spelling of your name.

Thanks for your order. Enjoy safey pro!