Programme Overview

safey is a software that enables encrypted storage of private data while providing a personal notebook, password safe and data container, e.g. for USB sticks.

safey can be executed directly from OS Windows (© Microsoft) systems (Win98 ES and higher) without prior installation. You can load safey on any other computer (e.g. at a hotel or internet café) from your USB stick without risking to accidentally saving your data there.

All data will be written directly into the application without any external connection. The encrypting of data is based on the 448-bit blowfish algorithm, which is regarded as extremely safe.


safeys encryption is based on 448-bit Blowfish algorithm which is considered safe.
(We asked Bruce Schneier on 6.9.2012 at his current opinion on Blowfish. Bruce Schneier answered on 7.9.2012 as follows: “Blowfish is perfectly safe, but I recommend Twofish if you’re starting out.”)

Additional functions:

safey is growing! With increasing use a unique, individual plant image is formed within the application, making every safey hereby a distinguishable original.

Pass on

To pass on safey, the programme can be duplicated, creating a new, empty safey that contains its own specific plant type. Thus, every safey looks different.

How much does safey cost?

safey is distributed by it23 in two versions (safey and safey pro).
safey is basically distributed free of charge. Should you enjoy using safey, we would be pleased if you supported a charity of your choice.
You can find the price of safey pro at Download/Unlocking >>.

How can I obtain safey pro?

You can use safey as safey pro for a limited period. Should you enjoy the additional functions of the pro-version, you can obtain an unlimited activation key at to activate safey pro.
Your data can also be imported from older versions of safey.