What can safey 2.0 do?

safey …

  • is a password safe: saves internet passwords.
  • saves access data for online-banking.
  • is your diary/journal.
  • is encrypted safely (based on 448-blowfish algorithm).
  • writes all data directly into the application.
  • is individual. Every safey looks different.
  • grows!  With increasing use a unique, individual plant image is formed within the application.
  • is available in german and english.
  • encrypts documents internal until 100 MB (in total).
  • encrypts bigger external documents.
  • imports data from safey
  • is free of charge in basic version.

What can safey 2.0 pro additionally do?

safey pro …

  • encrypts folders.
  • searchs in categories and entries.
  • prints from categories and entries.
  • pastes images in entries by drag & drop.
  • imports data from safey 2.0.
  • has a export/backup funcitonality